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Passionate about filmmaking since he was sixteen, Kip’s first film, ‘The Sandman’, won best short film at the York International Film Festival.

His second, ‘Stiff’, was selected for Edinburgh, and got into ‘Best of the Fest’. ‘Stiff’ was then picked up by the UK Film Council and screened at numerous film festivals around the world including; Berlin, Cannes, Munich, Paris, Rio and Seoul. Later, Harold Ramis strongly endorsed ‘Stiff’, and it was subsequently nominated for short film of the year by Movie Mogul.

Kip then pitched the idea for his third short film, ‘Dentist’, to Amarillo Films, and was given funding to shoot on location in Soho. Kevin McNally (‘Valkyrie’ & ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’) was cast, and ‘Dentist’ was subsequently screened at Short & Sweet with the Bafta nominated short films of that year.

Following the success of his short films, Kip has constantly been developing new film and TV ideas, and has a slate of projects ranging from comedy to drama…