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D  E  N  T  I  S  T

I first met Kevin McNally on a rainy day in West London. We got chatting and I told him about this short film I had planned. He laughed and said he’d do it. A few months later he called me from the set of Valkyrie asking for a shooting date. We had one, early November. Kevin got there at 6am and played the part to perfection.

Just before we cast the Dentist’s assistant I found this song, ‘Little Johnny Rainbow’ by Petula Clark. It seemed to reflect the whole mood of the piece so I played it during the auditions. When Martha appeared, not only had she done her research, but she was by far and away the best actress.


Movie Mogul:

Runner up, short film of the month

Short & Sweet:

Screened before BAFTA nominated short films

Also screened in:

Amsterdam, Bristol, Cape Town, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Johannesburg, Leeds, London, Manchester, Melbourne, Slovenia, Soweto, Toronto and Vic Falls, Zimbabwe.


The Dentist:
The Assistant:
The Kid:

Director of Photography:
Production Manager:
Art Director:
Focus Puller/Clapper Loader:

Kevin McNally
Martha Barnett
Mylo McDonald

Kip Hall
Ted Thornton
Adam Pensotti
Julia Hilliard
Luke Whitelock
Chris Stevens

Costume Designer:
Hair and Makeup:
Sound Recordist:
Production Company:
Camera Equipment:

Ashton Hinkinson
Susie Coultard
Sarah Grundy
Simon Bysshe
Amarillo Films
Arri Media
Soho Images
The Framestore